Here is some info to help you home owners out there, I looked at a job yesterday and the tenant it seems has not been wiping away the condensation from her windows, she lives in a 3rd floor apartment and it is small but cozy, of course in the winter when it’s really cold out, the heat is up high, then when you couple showers and cooking, the air in the apartment is quite humid, in fact a little too high, then when condensation occurs and it’s not removed and allows pooling in the window frame, it spills over and soaks in behind the drywall, left for more than 3 days like that, you now have mold growth, and you can’t just wipe it off either as you then release spores into the air and at an alarming rate, one square inch of mold, once disturbed can release 100,000 spores, and if you have an allergy to mold it can cause coughing, itchy eyes and soon on, nasty stuff.

So if you have tenants make sure you review proper maintenance of the windows or you will have a hefty bill to remove the mold damaged drywall properly, so many things can be done to achieve proper preventative maintenance, all you need is a little knowledge, have a happy holiday.