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Grow Op Remediation


Calgary Grow-Op Remediation

  • There are some great properties out there that have been used for less-than-savory activities. Platinum Inc. can help restore and rebuild properties damaged by grow-op activity. Grow-ops wreak havoc on houses thanks to the humidity and high-temperatures used to grow indoors. Toxic mold is a common problem, while water damage can also result from altered plumbing. Inside the home, toxic chemicals, poisonous gases and fire risks all pose threats to the property and the surrounding community. Don’t try to handle it yourself. For fast, safe and certified remediation, let our experts help restore your property.
  • A specific and stringent set of legal requirements must be followed before Platinum Inc. is able to begin work on a grow-op remediation project:

    • Affected property owners must call the City of Calgary, inform them of the grow-op and obtain proper permits for restoration.

    • The property owner must then contact an environmental consultant to inspect the premises and provide a report to Alberta Health Services. This report must be passed in order for Platinum Inc. to earn clearance.

    • When the proper documentation has been obtained, we will survey the damage, take photographs and provide you with a quote. Due to the highly involved process required for grow-op remediation, we do not offer free quotes for this service.

    • With the quote approved, the remediation process begins. Depending on the scope of the damage, containment areas will be set up to mitigate health risks to workers and the surrounding community. When necessary, Platinum Inc. will remove altered electrical and plumbing in addition to the regular removal process. Air quality monitoring is available at an additional fee.

    • An extensive cleanup will be conducted to disinfect contents and eliminate biological hazards. Affected materials will be safely disposed of.

    • Post-cleanup, Platinum Inc. is also capable of providing complete construction and rebuild services to restore the home to its pre-disaster state.

  • Unfortunately, grow ops are not typically covered by insurance – but it’s important to check with your provider.
  • Depending on the severity and extent of the grow op, your timeline will vary. Inspections and permits are required by the City of Calgary to assess the extent of the damage and allow the remediation process to begin.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is testing necessary?

    Yes, even small grow operations can produce a toxic byproducts.
  • Where can I find more information?

    Information about the environmental inspection permit can be found on the City of Calgary website.

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