Water Damage – When should I call?

There are so many times that we get calls to look at a water damaged property after hours, this is because usually home owners, like yourselves, are working or away for the weekend then when returning home you see the evidence of the damage, but you should always call as soon as you see the damage, for several reasons, water travels a lot!
It always looks for paths within walls and cavities to follow gravity, I am always amazed at how water can travel through the home, sometimes where you don’t even realize, you see, when we come out we have moisture sensors, most of which are none intrusive, to find out where the water is and then come up with a plan to remove and dry out the structure, the other reason is that your insurance company wants you to act right away, the sooner the issue is solved the less damage there is and the less cost to the insurance company, which they like, the other reason is to prevent microbial growth, mold can grow after 48 hours of the introduction of moisture, and mold loves drywall and dark places, so to wrap up, please call right away, most companies don’t charge to come out and assess, well at least Platinum doesn’t charge for that.